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RCM Services

RCM Services

Claims and Billing Management

  • We ensure that you are meeting insurance requirements
  • We provide medical and financial review before claims submission
  • We help you submit your claims on time
  • We identify root causes of claims rejections and provide solutions to overcome these rejections
  • We conduct studies of price lists and services that help determining profit rates and financial statements

Medical Coding and Mapping

  • We provide mapping services with CCHI (NPHIES)
  • We provide you with an accurate review of claims based on ICD-10, CCHI codes
  • We help you match your services to the correct codes and price with insurance companies you are contracting with

Preauthorization Services (Approval)

  • We assist in identifying and updating services that need approval from insurance companies, for example dental and maternity protocols and services under pharmacy and lab

Contracts Management

  • We review your current contracts status to provide you with the necessary action and legal advice

Awareness and Knowledge Enhancement

  • We provide your staff (doctors, nurse and administrative staff) with lectures and discussions on RCM and insurance knowledge to assure they have the basic knowledge on the matter