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About Us

Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Tanami RCM delivers end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions, hoping to improve patient experience and enhance financial performance of healthcare providers in the region.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to improve patient experience, maximize financial performance, and drive sustainable growth of healthcare institutions.

We aspire to be the most trusted Revenue Cycle Management company for healthcare providers in the region.

Strategic Goals

  • To help medical providers in Saudi Arabia improve their services and increase their revenues.
  • To participate in the sustainable growth of healthcare institutions.
  • To utilize advanced technologies in RCM practices
  • To improve the overall patient experience.
  • To deliver databases that provide researchers and decision makers with the evidence needed in prevention and treatment of diseases.

RCM and 2030 Vision

With health insurance in the process of becoming mandatory in the public sector in Saudi Arabia, new tools and technologies are essential for healthcare providers to generate revenue under the new reimbursement system.

As part of Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program, the reimbursement system of healthcare services is going through major changes. While the role of the Ministry used to be an all-in-one payer, provider and regulator of health services, the aim for the ministry is to become a regulator that governs corporatized payers and providers. The Program for Health Assurance and Purchasing (PHAP) was a major step to facilitating future reimbursement to Public Healthcare providers.

This major change in the reimbursement system will require providers to adapt a cultural shift and develop new capabilities, such as

  • Assuring that patients are medically and financially eligible under the new system
  • Accurate documenting of all services provided to patients
  • Coding and grouping medical services
  • Raising bills to payers, in addition to managing and following up on claims
  • Generating data to improve cost efficiency and service quality

Performing these tasks and processes is called Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) which is the focus of our work at TRCM.

Our team at TRCM aspire to align the vision of 2030 and help healthcare providers in the kingdom implement these new features of the healthcare transformation for improved quality of services and better patient experience.